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Leah Haywood & Annie MahoneyPhoenix Annual Dance Competition

Sunday 2nd May 2010

South Leeds Stadium


Disco Doubles

7 and under

2nd Oliver Bailey & Freya Kendrew

4th Courtney Davies & Lizzie Gill


10 and under

1st Isabel Beardsall & Lucy Blackburn

5th Flynn Clegg & Maisie Torpey


13 and under

1st Nicole Wooller & Brogan Guest

2nd Alicia Dickinson & Katie Frith

4th Lucy Munro & Connie Redshaw

5th Jessica Barnett & Abigail Holbrough


16 and under

1st Leah Haywood & Annie Mahoney

2nd Lucy Gill & Georgie Redshaw

3rd Sophie Best & Bethany Wraith

4th Alicia Ramskill & Abbie Ramskill

5th Jamie-Lee Wood & Charlotte Phillips


18 and under

1st Jessica Frith & Jessica Wood


19 and over

2nd Elizabeth Lucas & Tanya Frere



7 and under

1st Courtney Davis & Lizzie Gill

2nd Shakira Watson & Cassie Woodall

3rd Oliver Bailey & Freya Kendrew


10 and under

3rd Genie Young & Grace Hance

4th Lucy Blackburn & Isabel Beardsall

6th Maisie Torpey & Flynn Clegg


13 and under

2nd Nicole Wooller & Brogan Guest

3rd Lucy Munro & Connie Redshaw

5th Jessica Barnett & Abigail Holbrough

6th Amelia Megson & Emma Smith


16 and under

2nd Leah Haywood & Annie Mahoney

3rd Jamie-Lee Wood & Charlotte Phillips

4th Alicia Ramskill & Abbie Ramskill

5th Sophie Best & Bethany Wraith


17 and over

4th Jessica Frith & Jessica Wood

5th Elizabeth Lucas & Tanya Frere



7 and under

1st Mini Boppers - Telephone


10 and under

2nd Ollys Gang - Bad Boys


13 and under

1st Gold Dust - 90s Mix (achieved 100%)

3rd Firecrackers - Proud Mary


16 and under

1st Babelicious - Fight for this love

3rd Stellar - Pussy Cat Dolls mix


19 and over

3rd Diamond Crew - Sex on Fire



3rd Goole - Rock n Roll Medley