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IDTA Freestyle / Rock N Roll Qualifier

Norbreck Castle Hotel


Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th October 2009


Goole qualifiers for the Nationwide finals at The Winter Gardens, Blackpool in 2010 were :

  • Courtney Davies, Isabel Beardsall, Mollie Wilkinson, NIcole Wooller, Lucy Munro, Lucy Blackburn, Lizzie Gill, Brogan Guest, Kelle Ruhmann, Kasey Claybourn, Rhiann Almond, Jodie Coleman, Lisa Holt, Tracey Pollard, Andrea Wraith (Best), Hayley Brunyee, Natalie O'Brien, Jenna Sykes, Annie Mahoney, Nadine Webster, Jessica Wood, Lynne Mulley, Nicola Shaw, Lucy Gill, Leah Haywood, Jessica Holmes and Andrea O'Brien.


In the graded event on the same weekend, Butterfly dancers had the following success in their relevant age groups :

Street Dance

  • 1st Tracey Pollard, 2nd Andrea Wraith (Best), 3rd Lisa Holt, 5th Jodie Coleman, 6th Jessica Wood, 7th Faye Bailey


Butterfly took five first places -

  • Kasey Claybourn, Kelle Ruhmann, Lisa Holt, Nicola Shaw, Andrea Wraith (Best). Second places - Georgie Redshaw, Tracey Pollard. 3rd - Beth Sunderland. 4th Faye Bailey, Lucy Gill. 5th Ellie Ward, 6th Lucy Blackburn & Shannon Almond, 7th Jessica Wood.

Adult & Child Freestyle

  • 1st Lucy & Tracey Pollard, 2nd Beth & Andrea Wraith, 5th Courtney Davies & Lisa Holt, 6th Connie Redshaw & Rhiann Almond


  • 3rd Butterfly Babes, Painted Ladies 4th Flutterbye, 6th Butterfly Magic

Adult & Child Rock N Roll

  • 1st Lucy & Tracey Pollard, Beth & Andrea Wraith, 2nd Courtney Davies & Lisa Holt